Butterflies of Africa
Photographs Adrian Hoskins ( unless otherwise stated )
Papilionidae | Pieridae | Lycaenidae | Nymphalidae | Hesperiidae
Lycaenidae: Polyommatinae, Lipteninae, Theclinae, Miletinae
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Uranothauma falkensteini

Cupidopsis cissus

Cacyreus lingeus

Anthene rubricinctus

Anthene larydas

Anthene larydas

Anthene lachares

Anthene liodes

Neurellipes lusones

Leptotes pirithous

Pseudonacaduba sichela

Azanus jesous

Euchrysops malathana

Lepidochrysops quassi

Eicochrysops hippocrates

Thermoniphas micylus

Oboronia guessfeldtii

Oboronia ornata


 Phlyaria cyara

Tuxentius carana





Larinopoda eurema

Larinopoda aspidos

Tetrarhanis symplocus

Aethiopana honorius

Eresiomera bicolor

Eresiomera bicolor

Mimeresia libentina

Mimeresia libentina

Mimeresia semirufa

Telipna semirufa

Telipna maesseni

Pentila pauli

Liptena albicans

Liptena pearmani

Liptena xanthostola

Liptena alluaudi

Liptena simplicia

Liptena helena

Falcuna leonensis

Epitolina dispar

Epitolina melissa

Stempfferia michelae

Stempfferia dorothea





Hypolycaena lebona

Hypolycaena hatita

Hypolycaena nigra

Hypolycaena antifaunus

Hypolycaena antifaunus

Oxylides faunus

Aphnaeus orcas

Axiocerses amanga

Axiocerses amanga


Deudorix antalus

Stugeta bowkeri








Megalopalpus zymna


Papilionidae | Pieridae | Lycaenidae | Nymphalidae | Hesperiidae



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