Butterflies of Africa
Photographs Adrian Hoskins ( unless otherwise stated )
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Nymphalidae: Limenitidinae, Nymphalinae & Cyrestinae              more >>
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Euphaedra janetta

Euphaedra janetta

Euphaedra themis

Euphaedra edwardsi

Euphaedra medon

Euphaedra medon

Euphaedra neumanni

Euphaedra perseis

Euphaedra eleus

Euphaedra phaetusa

Euphaedra phaetusa

Euphaedra phaetusa

Euphaedra ceres

Euphaedra ceres

Euphaedra hebes

Euphaedra eupalus

Euphaedra harpalyce

Euphaedra inanum

Bebearia tentyris

Bebearia tentyris

Bebearia zonara

Bebearia mandinga

Bebearia sp nov B97

Bebearia oxione

Bebearia sophus

Bebearia sophus

Bebearia sophus

Bebearia mardania

Bebearia mardania

Bebearia barce

Catuna oberthueri

Catuna crithea

Cynandra opis 

Euriphene gambiae

Euriphene barombina

Euriphene ampedusa

Euriphene aridatha

Euriphene aridatha

Euriphene aridatha

Euryphura chalcis

Cymothoe mabillei

Cymothoe coccinata

Cymothoe aubergeri

Cymothoe egesta

Hamanumida daedalus

Cymothoe caenis

Cymothoe caenis

Cymothoe caenis

Pseudoneptis bugandensis

Aterica galene

Neptis nysiades

Neptis nicoteles

Neptis alta

Neptis serena



Pseudacraea semire






Eurytela dryope

Eurytela hiarbas

Ariadne albifascia

Protogoniomorpha parhassus

Protogoniomorpha cytora

Protogoniomorpha anacardii

Antanartia delius

Antanartia schaeneia

Antanartia dimorphica

Vanessa abyssinica

Kallimoides rumia

Junonia stygia

Junonia terea

Junonia oenone

Junonia sophia

Junonia chorimene

Precis octavia

Precis octavia

Precis limnoria

Precis pelarga

Precis pelarga

Hypolimnas misippus

Hypolimnas misippus

Hypolimnas salmacis





Cyrestis camillus

Cyrestis camillus


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