Butterflies of the Amazon and Andes
Orange-spot Duke
Siseme neurodes  FELDER & FELDER, 1861
subfamily - RIODININAE

Siseme neurodes, Satipo, Peru  Adrian Hoskins
The genus Siseme comprises of 9 known species, all found exclusively in the neotropical region. 
The various species are all of similar size and shape, but differ in colour and pattern. Siseme militaris for example is plain grey, except for a broad orange horizontal streak along the costa of the hindwing. The remaining species are grey or dark brown in colour, and marked according to species with bands or patches of white or orange. In several species there is a paler outer band, often in the form of rays of grey which run parallel to the veins. All species except militaris have either one or two orange-red spots at the tornus of the hindwings. 
Siseme neurodes is found from Colombia to Bolivia.
Siseme neurodes, Satipo, Peru  Adrian Hoskins
Siseme neurodes, Satipo, Peru  Adrian Hoskins
This species is found in cloudforest habitats at altitudes between about 300-1400 metres. It is most often found by forest edges or glades, and usually close to streams or other water courses.
Siseme neurodes, Pauti, Junin, Peru  Adrian Hoskins
Siseme neurodes, Satipo, Peru  Adrian Hoskins
Adult behaviour

Unlike Siseme alectryo the males of neurodes tend to be seen more often on hot sunny days, when they settle on the ground with wings either fully outspread or erect. Sometimes clusters of as many as a dozen males can be found mud-puddling, scattered amidst multi-species aggregations. 

Females of all Siseme species are virtually unknown, and probably spend their entire lives high in the forest canopy.

Siseme neurodes, Satipo, Peru  Adrian Hoskins



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