Caterpillars of the World
Photographs Adrian Hoskins ( unless otherwise stated )
Caterpillars are fascinating creatures which are often even more beautiful than the adult butterflies or moths into which they ultimately develop. They are extraordinarily diverse in shape, colour and pattern. Many species change their appearance dramatically each time they moult their skin. Click the thumbnails below to see full size images and information about each species. You can also find a wealth of information about caterpillar biology and ecology on the Lifecycle pages.

Megalopygidae sp 001

Sphinx ligustri

Lasiocampidae sp 003

Automeris liberia

Phobetron sp

unknown sp 006

Prothysana felderi

Sibine argentata

Limacodidae sp 992

Danaus plexippus

unknown sp 837

unknown sp 838

Cerura vinula

Shargacucullia verbasci

Malacosoma neustria

Hypolycaena erylus

Setora nitens

Moduza procris

Arctiidae sp 010

Acharia nesea

Heraclides thoas

Attacus atlas

Phaedyma columella

Lexias pardalis

Dirphiopsis uniformis

Lasiocampidae sp 014

Isognathus leachi

Polyura schreiber

Othreis fullonia

Tridrepana fulvata

unknown sp 016

Euproctis similis

Temenis laothoe

Megalopygidae sp 073

Brenthis daphne

Parides anchises

Hasora badra
Eumorpha triangulum Lasiocampidae sp 017

Eumorpha fasciatus
unidentified sp 026 Euphaedra sp 672

Nudaurelia zaodeae
Cyclosia papilionaris Liphyra brassolis

Endromis versicolora
Orgyia antiqua Stauropus fagi



unidentified sp 839


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