Butterflies of Europe
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Lycaenidae & Riodinidae
These 5 pages depict a representative selection of the butterflies occuring in the western Palaearctic which encompasses the British Isles, Europe and the part of Africa which is north of the Sahara. Use the links above, and the thumbnails below to access full size images and detailed articles.

Lycaena dispar

Lycaena dispar

Lycaena alciphron

Lycaena virgaureae

Lycaena tityrus

Lycaena hippothoe

Lycaena phlaeas

Tomares ballus

Cacyreus marshalli

Thecla betulae

Satyrium w-album

Satyrium pruni

Satyrium spini

Satyrium ilicis

Satyrium acaciae

Callophrys rubi

Quercusia quercus

Lampides boeticus

Plebejus argus

Plebejus idas

Glaucopsyche alexis

Polyommatus coridon

Polyommatus bellargus

Cyaniris semiargus

Polyommatus icarus

Polyommatus icarus

Polyommatus amandus

Celastrina argiolus

Cupido minimus

Everes argiades

Maculinea arion

Aricia agestis

Aricia artaxerxes




Hamearis lucina Hamearis lucina Hamearis lucina
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