Butterflies of the Indian subcontinent
Indian Oakblue
Arhopala atrax  HEWITSON, 1862
subfamily - THECLINAE
Arhopala atrax, Mahanada forest, West Bengal, India   Adrian Hoskins
It is unclear how many species should be classified within the genus Arhopala. Some consider that the genus should only include a few Papuan species and place all other related species in Panchala, Narathura or Aurea. Here I follow the classification adopted by Corbet & Pendlebury, who include all these genera within Arhopala. Thus defined the genus is widespread, with the species distributed variously from Afghanistan to Japan, and south across the Pacific to Australia. In total there are about 220 species, collectively known as Oakblues.
Most species have metallic blue or purplish uppersides. A few species however such as eumolphus, aurea and trogon have metallic green wings. The undersides of all species are cryptically patterned with dark spots and blotches on a greyish or brown ground colour. All species have short tails on the hindwings, and in many there is a patch of metallic green or blue scales adjacent to the tail.
Arhopala atrax is found in India, Myanmar, Thailand and peninsular Malaysia.  
This is a common species found in rainforest and humid deciduous forest at elevations between sea level and about 500m.
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Adult behaviour

The butterflies are usually abundant in their habitats. They spend long periods perching on leaves or settled on leaf litter on the forest floor, periodically taking short, very rapid and acrobatic flights before settling again nearby.


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