Butterflies of the Indian subcontinent
Common Lascar
Pantoporia hordonia  STOLL, 1790




Pantoporia hordonia, Ultapani, Assam, India   Adrian Hoskins

The Lascars are similar in pattern and wing shape to the Neptis Sailors, but the stripes and bands on the upperside wings are orange instead of white.
There are about 15 species in the genus Pantoporia, of which 5 are found in India. The remainder are distributed variously across tropical Asia and Australia.
Pantoporia hordonia is by far the commonest and most widespread member of the genus, being found in India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, south China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, Java and Lombok.
This butterfly is found in disturbed areas of primary rainforest, including clearings, glades, logging roads and forest-edge habitats. It occurs at elevations between sea level and about 500 metres.
The egg is pale green and covered in a network of hexagonal ridges from which arise numerous very short spikes. It is laid singly on the underside of leaves of the foodplants.
The caterpillar is pale olive green, with a large straw-coloured 'saddle' which tapers towards the anal segment, and extends to below the spiracles along the first 4 abdominal segments. Along the sides, within the saddle area are 4 diagonal dark olive stripes. The head is smooth, and olive in colour. The caterpillar feeds on withered leaves of Acacia, Albizia, Abarema, Pithecellobium and possibly other Mimosaceae.
The chrysalis is pale brown with blackish markings, dark green wing cases, and a group of white circular spots on the thorax. It is suspended by the cremaster from a leaf or twig.
Adult behaviour
The adults have a sailing flight similar to that of Neptis, but not as graceful. They are usually seen singly, most often along narrow trails or small glades in heavily forested areas.
I have occasionally observed males mud-puddling but more commonly they are seen basking on foliage or among leaf litter on the forest floor. I have not seen either sex nectaring at flowers.
Pantoporia hordonia, West Bengal, India   Adrian Hoskins


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