Species Index - Africa
This index includes a small but representative selection of the butterflies found in the Afrotropical region, an area which encompasses all of sub-Saharan Africa including Madagascar, the Comores, Reunion, Mauritius and the Arab states.

Abantis elegantula

Elegant Paradise Skipper

Acleros mackenii

Macken's Dusky Dart

Acleros nigrapex

Powdered Dusky Dart

Acraea acrita

Fiery Acraea

Acraea alcinoe

Black-spot Bematistes

Acraea alciope

Hewitson's Acraea

Acraea bonasia

Orange-streak Acraea

Acraea circeis

White Acraea

Acraea egina

Elegant Acraea

Acraea encedana

Pierre's Acraea

Acraea encedon

Encedon Acraea

Acraea lycoa

Dimorphic Acraea

Acraea perenna

Falcate Acraea

Acraea pharsalus

Ward's Glorious Acraea

Acraea pseudegina

Westwood's Acraea

Acraea serena

Dancing Acraea

Acraea umbra

Clouded Bematistes

Acraea ventura

Red-barred Acraea

Acraea vestalis

Smoky Bematistes

Aethiopana honorius

Acraea Blue

Amauris tartarea


Andronymus caesar

Common White Dart

Antanartia delius

Orange Admiral

Antanartia dimorphica

Dimorphic Admiral

Antanartia schaeneia

Long-tailed Admiral

Anthene lachares

Silky Ciliate Blue

Anthene larydas

Spotted Ciliate Blue

Anthene liodes

Light Ciliate Blue

Anthene rubricinctus

Indigo Ciliate Blue

Aphnaeus orcas

Common Silverspot

Appias sabina

Sabine Albatross

Appias sylvia

Common Albatross

Ariadne albifascia

White-banded Castor

Aterica galene

Forest Glade Nymph

Axiocerses amanga

Bush Scarlet

Azanus jesous

African Babul Blue

Bebearia barce

Shining Green Forester

Bebearia mandinga

Mandinga Forester

Bebearia mardania

Dark Palm Forester

Bebearia oxione

Banded Forester

Bebearia sp. nov

Resplendent Forester

Bebearia sophus

Beautiful Forester

Bebearia tentyris

Tentyris Forester

Bebearia zonara

Light Brown Forester

Belenois calypso

Calypso Caper White

Belenois theora

Forest Caper White

Belenois thysa

False Dotted Border

Bicyclus dorothea

Light Bush Brown

Bicyclus funebris

Funereal Bush Brown

Bicyclus istaris

Velvet Bush Brown

Bicyclus madetes

Brown-spot Bush Brown

Bicyclus maesseni

Maessen's Ignoble Bush Brown

Bicyclus safitza

Savannah Bush Brown

Bicyclus sandace

Dark Vulgar Bush Brown

Bicyclus vulgaris

Vulgar Bush Brown

Borbo fatuellus

Foolish Swift

Cacyreus lingeus

Common Bush Blue

Catuna crithea

Infuriating Pathfinder

Catuna oberthueri

Oberthur's  Pathfinder

Celaenorrhinus galenus

Orange Sprite

Celaenorrhinus proxima

Common Black Sprite

Charaxes anticlea

Small Flame-bordered Charaxes

Charaxes etheocles

Demon Charaxes

Charaxes eupale

Green Charaxes

Charaxes fulvescens

Forest Pearl Charaxes

Charaxes galawadiwosi

Ethiopian Charaxes

Charaxes hansali

Cream-banded Charaxes

Charaxes lucretius

Common Red Charaxes

Charaxes numenes

Lesser Blue Charaxes

Charaxes paphianus

Falcate Red Charaxes

Charaxes pleione

Common Orange Charaxes

Charaxes protoclea

Flame-bordered Charaxes

Charaxes zelica

Blue-spotted Charaxes

Charaxes zingha

Shining Red Charaxes

Colias electo

African Clouded Yellow

Colotis amata

Small Salmon Arab

Colotis antevippe

Large Orange tip

Colotis danae

Scarlet tip

Colotis hetaera

Coast Purple tip

Colotis protomedia

Yellow Splendour

Colotis vesta

Veined Golden Arab

Cupidesthes lithas

Volta Ciliate Blue

Cupidopsis cissus

Meadow Blue

Cymothoe aubergeri

Western Yellow Glider

Cymothoe caenis

Common White Glider

Cymothoe coccinata

Common Red Glider

Cymothoe egesta

Yellow Glider

Cymothoe mabillei

Mabille's Red Glider

Cynandra opis

Brilliant Nymph

Cyrestis camillus

African Mapwing

Danaus chrysippus

Plain Tiger

Deudorix antalus

Common Brown Playboy

Dixeia cebron

Cebron White

Dixeia orbona

Creamy Small White

Eicochrysops hippocrates

White-tipped Blue

Epitolina dispar

Common Epitolina

Epitolina melissa

Powdered Epitolina

Eresiomera bicolor

Western Pearly

Eretis mixta

Marbled Elfin

Euchrysops malathana

Smoky Bean Cupid

Euphaedra ceres

Ceres Forester

Euphaedra edwardsi

Edwards' Forester

Euphaedra eleus

Vermillion Forester

Euphaedra harpalyce

Blue-banded Forester

Euphaedra hebes

Hebes Pink Forester

Euphaedra inanum

Unmarked Forester

Euphaedra janetta

Janetta Forester

Euphaedra medon

Widespread Forester

Euphaedra neumanni

Ethiopian Forester

Euphaedra perseis

Perseis Mimic Forester

Euphaedra phaetusa

Iridescent Forester

Euphaedra themis

Crimson-spotted Forester

Eurema brigitta

Small Grass Yellow

Eurema desjardinsii

Desjardin's Grass Yellow

Eurema hecabe

Common Grass Yellow

Eurema senegalensis

Forest Grass Yellow

Euriphene ampedusa

Common Brown Nymph

Euriphene aridatha

Dark Nymph

Euriphene barombina

Common Nymph

Euriphene gambiae

Gambiae Nymph

Euryphura chalcis

Common Commander

Eurytela dryope

Golden Piper

Eurytela hiarbas

Pied Piper

Falcuna leonensis

Western Marble

Gnophodes betsimena

Banded Evening Brown

Gnophodes chelys

Western Evening Brown

Graphium angolanus

Angolan White Lady

Graphium leonidas

Blue Tiger Mimic Swallowtail

Graphium policenes

Turquoise-spotted Swordtail

Hamanumida daedalus


Hypolimnas misippus

Danaid Eggfly

Hypolimnas salmacis

Blue Diadem

Hypolycaena antifaunus

Large Fairy Hairstreak

Hypolycaena hatita

Common Fairy Hairstreak

Hypolycaena lebona

Lebona Fairy Hairstreak

Hypolycaena nigra

Black Fairy Hairstreak

Junonia chorimene

Golden Pansy

Junonia oenone

Dark Blue Pansy

Junonia sophia

Little Commodore

Junonia stygia

Brown Pansy

Junonia terea

Soldier Commodore

Kallimoides rumia

African Leaf butterfly

Larinopoda aspidos

Nigerian Pierid Blue

Larinopoda eurema

Western Pierid Blue

Lepidochrysops quassi

Tailed Blue Giant Cupid

Leptosia alcesta

Flip Flop

Leptosia medusa

Western Flip Flop

Leptotes pirithous

Common Zebra Blue

Libythea labdaca

African Beak

Liptena albicans

Pallid Liptena

Liptena alluaudi

Western Liptena

Liptena helena

Red-spot False Dots

Liptena pearmani

Pearman's Liptena

Liptena simplicia

Simple Liptena

Liptena xanthostola

Yellow Liptena

Megalopalpus zymna

Common Harvester

Melanitis leda

Common Evening Brown

Mesoxantha ethosea

Drury's Delight

Meza meza

Common Missile

Mimeresia libentina

Common Harlequin

Mimeresia semirufa

Eresine Harlequin

Monza cretacea

White-bodied Grass Skipper

Mylothris chloris

Chloris Dotted Border

Mylothris jaopura

Karsch's Dotted Border

Mylothris poppea

Western Dotted Border

Mylothris rhodope

Common Dotted Border

Mylothris spica

Spica Dotted Border

Nepheronia thalassina

Cambridge Vagrant

Neptis alta

High Sailor

Neptis nicoteles

Clubbed Sailor

Neptis nysiades

Variable Sailor

Neptis serena

Serene Sailor

Neurellipes lusones

Red-spot 3-tail

Oboronia guessfeldtii

Güssfeldt's Ginger White

Oboronia ornata

Untailed Ginger White

Osmodes costatus

Black-veined White-spots

Osmodes laronia

Large White-spots

Osmodes lindseyi

Black-tufted White-spots

Osmodes omar

Obsolete White-spots

Osmodes thora

Common White-spots

Oxylides faunus

Common False Head

Palla ussheri

Ussher's Palla

Papilio chrapkowskoides

Broad-banded Green Swallowtail

Papilio cynorta

Mimetic Swallowtail

Papilio cyproeofila

Common White-banded Swallowtail

Papilio dardanus

Flying Handkerchief / Mocker Swallowtail

Papilio demodocus

Citrus Swallowtail

Papilio menestheus

Western Emperor Swallowtail

Papilio nireus

Narrow-banded Green Swallowtail

Papilio nobicea

Volta Swallowtail

Paracleros placidus

Western Dusky Dart

Pardaleodes edipus

Common Pathfinder Skipper

Pardaleodes sator

Scarce Pathfinder Skipper

Pardaleodes tibullus

Large Pathfinder Skipper

Pentila pauli

Paul's Buff

Phalanta phalantha

Common Leopard

Phlyaria cyara

Pied Blue

Precis limnoria

White-spotted Commodore

Precis octavia

Gaudy Commodore

Precis pelarga

Fashion Commodore

Protogoniomorpha anacardii

Clouded Mother of Pearl

Protogoniomorpha cytora

Western Blue Beauty

Protogoniomorpha parhassus

Mother of Pearl

Pseudacraea semire

Green False Acraea

Pseudonacaduba sichela

African Line Blue

Pseudoneptis bugandensis

Blue Sailor

Pteroteinon caenira

White-banded Red-eye Skipper

Pteroteinon laufella

Blue Red-eye Skipper

Sarangesa brigida

Brigid's Elfin

Sarangesa bouvieri

Bouvier's Elfin

Sarangesa tertullianus

Blue-dusted Elfin

Spialia ploetzi

Ploetz's Grizzled Skipper

Stempfferia dorothea

Dorothy's Shining Blue

Stempfferia michelae

Libert's Shining Blue

Stugeta bowkeri

Bowker's Hairstreak

Tagiades flesus

Clouded Flat

Telipna maesseni

Volta Telipna

Telipna semirufa

Western Telipna

Tetrarhanis symplocus

Clench's On-Off

Thermoniphas micylus

Common Chalk Blue

Tirumala petiverana

African Blue Tiger

Tuxentius carana

Forest Pied Pierrot

Uranothauma falkensteini

Lowland Branded Blue

Vanessa abyssinica

Abyssinian Red Admiral

Ypthima doleta

Common African Ringlet



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