Species Index - Central & South America
This index includes 890 species - a representative selection of the 7800+ butterflies occuring in the neotropical region which extends from Mexico to the southern tip of South America. Habitats in this region include Amazonian rainforests, Andean cloudforests, puna grasslands and arid deserts.

Achlyodes busirus

Variegated Batwing

Achlyodes pallida

Pallid Batwing

Actinote anteas

Common Actinote

Adelotypa annulifera

Cherry-spotted Metalmark

Adelotypa huebneri

Huebner's Metalmark

Adelpha alala

Alala Sister

Adelpha aricia

Cloudforest Sister

Adelpha boeotia

Boeotia Sister

Adelpha boreas

Gaudy Sister

Adelpha capucinus

Capucinus Sister

Adelpha cytherea

Smooth-banded Sister

Adelpha delinita

Fruhstorfer's Sister

Adelpha epione

White-barred Sister

Adelpha erotia

Erotia Sister

Adelpha ethelda

Ethelda Sister

Adelpha iphiclus

Iphiclus Sister

Adelpha irmina

Irmina Sister

Adelpha jordani

Jordan's Sister

Adelpha justina

Justina Sister

Adelpha leucophthalma

White-spot Sister

Adelpha levona

Levona Sister

Adelpha lycorias

Pink-banded Sister

Adelpha malea

Felder's Sister

Adelpha mesentina

Mesentina Sister

Adelpha messana

Messana Sister

Adelpha olynthia

Olynthia Sister

Adelpha plesaure

Hübner's Sister

Adelpha saundersii

Orange-banded Sister

Adelpha serpa

Celerio Sister

Adelpha thesprotia

Thesprotia Sister

Adelpha thessalia

Thessalia Sister

Adelpha thoasa

Thoasa Sister

Adelpha ximena

Ximena Sister

Aethilla eleusinia

Satanic Skipper

Agraulis vanillae

Gulf Fritillary

Agrias amydon

White-spotted Agrias

Agrias claudina

Godart's Agrias

Aguna aurunce

Hewitson's Aguna

Altinote alcione sodalis

Orange-bodied Altinote

Altinote dicaeus

Red-banded Altinote

Altinote hilaris

Jordan's Altinote

Altinote momina

Peru Altinote

Altinote negra demonica

Gaudy Altinote

Altinote neleus

Pink-bodied Altinote

Altinote ozomene

Godart's Altinote

Altinote stratonice

Latreille's Altinote

Amarynthis meneria

Red-barred Amarynthis

Amphidecta calliomma

Calliomma Satyr

Amphiselenis chama

Angular Metalmark

Anartia amathea


Anartia jatrophae

White Peacock

Anastrus meliboea

Scarce Duskywing

Anastrus neaeris

Blue Duskywing

Anatrytone perfida

Perfida Skipper

Ancyluris aulestes

Aulestes Doctor

Ancyluris etias

Etias Doctor

Ancyluris inca

Inca Doctor

Ancyluris jurgensenii

Jurgensen's Doctor

Ancyluris meliboeus

Redline Doctor

Ancyluris melior

Stichel's Doctor

Anisochoria pedaliodina

Snouted Skipper

Anteos menippe

Great Orange tip

Anteros cruentatus

Stichel's Jewelmark

Anteros formosus

Formosus Jewelmark

Anteros kupris

Great Jewelmark

Anteros principalis

Principalis Jewelmark

Anteros renaldus

Renaldus Jewelmark

Anthanassa acesas

Cloudforest Crescent

Anthanassa drusilla

Orange-patched Crescent

Anthoptus epictetus

Dimorphic Grass Skipper

Antigonus decens

Manu Spreadwing

Antigonus erosus

Powdered Grey Spurwing

Antigonus mutilatus

Peppered Spurwing

Antigonus nearchus

Marbled Spurwing

Antirrhea watkinsi

Watkins' Brown Morpho

Aphrissa statira

Pale Sulphur

Apaustus gracilis

Delicate Skipper

Arawacus dolylas

Mottled Hairstreak

Arawacus leucogyna

Narrow-lined Hairstreak

Arawacus separata

Zebra Teaser

Arcas tuneta

Frosted Greentail

Archaeoprepona amphimachus

Turquoise-banded Shoemaker

Archaeoprepona demophoon

Hübner's Shoemaker

Archaeoprepona demophon

Demophon Shoemaker

Archaeoprepona licomedes

Cramer's Shoemaker

Archonias brassolis

False Doris

Argyrogrammana caelestina

Turquoise Jewel

Argyrogrammana sticheli

Shower of Gold

Aricoris incana

Inca Metalmark

Aspitha aegenoria

Red-collared Firetip

Asterope degandii

Hewitson's Glory

Asterope leprieuri

Leprieur's Glory

Asterope markii

Dotted Glory

Astraeodes areuta

Delicate Metalmark

Astraptes anaphus

Yellow-rimmed Flasher

Astraptes fulgerator

Blue Flasher

Astraptes talus

Green Flasher

Aubergina alda

Alda Hairstreak

Autochton bipunctatus

Twin-spot Banded Skipper

Autochton longipennis

Spike-banded Skipper

Autochton neis

Common Banded Skipper

Autochton zarex

Sharp Banded Skipper

Badecla lanckena

Red-barred Hairstreak

Baeotis bacaenis

Hewitson's Pigmy

Baeotis macularia

Sulphur Pigmy

Baeotis staudingeri

d'Abrera's Pigmy

Baeotis zonata

Felder's Pigmy

Baeotus aeilus

Amazonicus Beauty

Baeotus beotus

Beotus Beauty

Baeotus deucalion

Leopard-spotted Beauty

Baeotus japetus

Narrow-lined Beauty

Batesia hypochlora

Painted Beauty

Battus belus

Belus Swallowtail

Battus crassus

Crassus Swallowtail

Battus polydamas

Polydamas Swallowtail

Bia actorion

Confused Owlet

Biblis hyperia

Red Rim

Bolla atahuallpai

Gold-flecked Sootywing

Bolla cupreiceps

Golden-headed Sootywing

Bolla giselus

Mabille's Sootywing

Bolla morona

Morona Sootywing

Brachyglenis esthema

White-rayed Metalmark

Brangas caranus

Large Slate Hairstreak

Bungalotis midas

Midas Skipper

Cabirus procas

Dimorphic Skipper

Caeruleuptychia coelestis

Coelestis Blue Ringlet

Caeruleuptychia helios

Helios Blue Ringlet

Caeruleuptychia lobelia

Lobelia Blue Ringlet

Calephelis aymaran

Aymaran Metalmark

Caligo oedipus

Oedipus Owl butterfly

Caligo oileus

Oileus Owl butterfly

Caligo teucer

Teucer Owl butterfly

Calisto herophile

Hübner's Glad-eye

Callicore cynosura

BD butterfly

Callicore eunomia

Eunomia Numberwing

Callicore excelsior

Superb Numberwing

Callicore felderi cajetani

8-spot Numberwing

Callicore hesperis

Hesperis Numberwing

Callicore hystaspes

Zelphanta Numberwing

Callicore lyca aegina

Aegina Numberwing

Callicore pitheas

Two-eyed 88

Callicore pygas

Godart's Numberwing

Callicore texa

Texa Numberwing

Callicore tolima

Tolima Numberwing

Callimormus corades

Dimorphic Grass Skipper

Callithomia lenea

Lenea Clearwing

Calospila emylius

Emylius Gem

Calycopis atnius

Atnius Groundstreak

Calycopis calus

Godart's Groundstreak

Calycopis demonassa

Shining Groundstreak

Calycopis gentilla

Gentilla Groundstreak

Calycopis malta

Malta Groundstreak

Camptopleura termon

Purplish Bent-Skipper

Caria castalia

Castalia Green Mantle

Caria fulvimargo

Fulvous-bordered Green Mantle

Caria mantinea

Green Mantle

Caria rhacotis

Harmonia Mantle

Caria sponsa

Glittering Mantle

Caria trochilus

Rainbow Metalmark

Carrhenes bamba

Bamba Spreadwing

Carrhenes canescens

Hoary Spreadwing

Carrhenes leada

Leada Spreadwing

Carrhenes santes

Violet Spreadwing

Castilia angusta

Angusta Crescent

Castilia castilla

Colombian Red Patch

Castilia eranites

Mimic Crescent

Castilia perilla

Acraea Mimic

Catasticta apaturina

Apaturina Dartwhite

Catasticta chelidonis

Chelidonis Dartwhite

Catasticta corcyra

Corcyra Dartwhite

Catasticta ctemene

Ctemene Dartwhite

Catasticta flisa

Narrow-banded Dartwhite

Catasticta hegemon

Frosted Dartwhite

Catasticta notha

Rober's Dartwhite

Catasticta pieris

Hopffer's Dartwhite

Catasticta sisamnus

Sisamnus Dartwhite

Catoblepia berecynthia

Ocellated Owlet

Catonephele acontius

Acontius Firewing

Catonephele chromis

Chromis Firewing

Catonephele numilia

Blue-spotted Firewing

Catonephele salambria

Salambria Firewing

Celaenorrhinus eligius

Broken-banded Flat

Celaenorrhinus suthina

Twin-banded Golden Flat

Cepheuptychia cephus

Cephus Blue Ringlet

Cepheuptychia sp.nov LAMAS [MS]

Pantiacolla Blue Ringlet

Chalodeta chaonitis

Chaonitis Metalmark

Chalodeta theodora

Theodora Metalmark

Chalybs janias

Cramer's Green Hairstreak

Chalypyge zereda

Zereda Skipper

Chamaelimnas briola

Broad-banded Demon

Chamaelimnas tircis

Narrow-banded Demon

Charis anius

Cramer's Midget

Chorinea amazon

Amazon Angel

Chorinea octauius

Fabricius Angel

Chorinea sylphina

Sylphina Angel

Chloreuptychia agatha

Agatha Blue Ringlet

Chloreuptychia arnaca

Arnaca Blue Ringlet

Chloreuptychia chlorimene

Hübner's Blue Ringlet

Chloreuptychia herseis

Godart's Blue Ringlet

Chloreuptychia marica

Marica Blue Ringlet

Chlorostrymon simaethis

Simaethis Green Hairstreak

Chlosyne lacinia

Bordered Patch

Chlosyne narva

Narva Checkerspot

Chrysoplectrum perniciosus

Perniciosus Skipper

Cissia myncea

Cramer's Ringlet

Cissia penelope

Penelope's Ringlet

Cissia proba

Weymer's Ringlet

Cissia terrestris

Butler's Ringlet

Cithaerias phantoma

Paradise Phantom

Cithaerias pireta

Blushing Phantom

Cithaerias pyropina

Pyropina Phantom

Cobalopsis miaba

Miaba Grass Skipper

Cobalopsis nero

Nero Skipper

Coenophlebia archidona

Magnificent Leafwing

Cogia calchas

Mimosa Skipper

Colias euxanthe

Puna Clouded Yellow

Colias flaveola

Flaveola Clouded Yellow

Colias lesbia

Lesbia Clouded Yellow

Colobura annulata

Annulata Mosaic

Colobura dirce


Conognathus platon

Goliath Spreadwing

Consul fabius

Tiger with Tails

Consul panariste

Cloudforest Deadleaf

Contrafacia imma

Orcynia Hairstreak

Corades chelonis

Carmine Falcon

Corades enyo

Enyo Falcon

Corades medeba

White-spot Falcon

Corades pannonia

Black Falcon

Corades ulema

Striped Falcon

Crocozona coecias

Orange-banded Metalmark

Crocozona pheretima

Colombian banded Metalmark

Cunizza hirlanda

Hirlanda White

Cupido comyntas

Eastern Tailed Blue

Cyanophrys herodotus

Tropical Greenstreak

Cyanophrys longula

Mountain Greenstreak

Cyanophrys pseudolongula

Clench's Greenstreak

Cybdelis boliviana

Salvin's Empress

Cyclosemia leppa

Eyed Spreadwing

Cycloglypha enega

Moschler's Bent-Skipper

Cycloglypha thrasibulus

Violaceus Bent-Skipper

Cycloglypha tisias

Tisias Bent-Skipper

Cymaenes alumna

Alumna Grass Skipper

Daedalma vertex

Peruvian Twin-tailed Satyr

Dagon pusilla

Pusilla Crescent

Dalla calima

Calima Skipperling

Dalla cupavia

Cupavia Skipperling

Dalla cypselus

Goldspot Skipperling

Dalla dognini

Puzzle-mark Skipperling

Dalla eryonas

Panama Skipperling

Dalla plancus

Hopffer's Skipperling

Danaus eresimus


Danaus plexippus


Dasyophthalma rusina

Itatiaia Owlet

Detritivora cleonus

Cleonus Metalmark

Detritivora hermadora

Hermadora Metalmark

Diaethria clymena

88 butterfly

Diaethria euclides

Latreille's 89 butterfly

Diaethria neglecta

89 butterfly

Diaethria pandama

Orange-banded 88

Diaeus variegata

Variegated Skipper

Dione glycera

Glycera Longwing

Dione juno

Juno Longwing

Dione moneta

Moneta Longwing

Dircenna adina xanthophane

Adina Glasswing

Dismorphia crisia

Drury's Egg White

Dismorphia lelex

Lelex Egg White

Dismorphia lygdamis doris

Catasticta Mimic

Dismorphia lua

Hewitson's Egg White

Dismorphia lysis peruana

Dainty Egg White

Dismorphia medora

Medora Mimic White

Dismorphia thermesia

Pretty Mimic White

Dismorphia theucharila

Variable Mimic White

Dismorphia zaela

Zaela Mimic White

Dismorphia zathoe

Zathoe Mimic White

Doxocopa agathina

Agathina Emperor

Doxocopa cyane

Cyan Emperor

Doxocopa elis

Elis Emperor

Doxocopa laure griseldis

Immaculate Emperor

Doxocopa laurentia cherubina

Cherubina Emperor

Doxocopa lavinia

Lavinia Emperor

Doxocopa linda

Linda's Emperor

Doxocopa pavon

Pavon Emperor

Doxocopa zunilda

Felder's Emperor

Dryadula phaetusa

Banded Longwing

Dryas iulia

Julia, or Flambeau

Dynamine agacles

Dainty White Sailor

Dynamine arene

Arene Sailor

Dynamine artemisia

Artemisia Sailor

Dynamine athemon

Exquisite Sailor

Dynamine chryseis

Thick-rimmed Sailor

Dynamine gisella

Gisella Sailor

Dynamine ines

Godart's Sailor

Dynamine postverta

4-spot Green Sailor

Dynamine sara

Sara Sailor

Dynamine setabis

Doubleday's Sailor

Dynamine sosthenes

Hewitson's Sailor

Dynamine tithia salpensa

Salpensa Sailor

Dyscophellus ethyras

Mabille's Red-eyed Nightfighter

Dyscophellus porcius

Amazon Nightfighter

Eantis minna

Velvet Sicklewing

Eantis thraso

Southern Sicklewing

Ebrietas anacreon

Marbled Duskywing

Echydna punctata

Starry Night Metalmark

Ectima lirides

Lirides Banner

Ectima thecla

Thecla Banner

Elzunia humboldt

Humboldt's Elzunia

Elzunia pavonii

Royal Elzunia

Emesis brimo progne

Silky Emesis

Emesis cerea

Spangled Golden Emesis

Emesis cypria

Orange-barred Emesis

Emesis eurydice

Grey Emesis

Emesis fastidiosa

White-marked Emesis

Emesis fatimella

Noble Emesis

Emesis lupina

Ochreous Emesis

Emesis mandana

Variable Emesis

Emesis ocypore

Dingy Emesis

Emesis orichalceus

Stichel's Blue Emesis

Emesis tegula

Dark Falcate Emesis

Emesis temesa

Sombre Emesis

Emesis tenedia

Falcate Emesis

Enantia lina

Common Mimic White

Enantia melite

Melite Mimic White

Enosis achelous

Ferruginous Skipper

Epargyreus exadeus

Silver-drop Skipper

Epiphile chrysites

Chrysites Banner

Epiphile dilecta

Dilecta Banner

Epiphile eriopis

Superb Banner

Epiphile imperator

Imperial Banner

Epiphile lampethusa

Lampethusa Banner

Episcada clausina

Yellow-legged Glasswing

Eresia clio

Common Crescent

Eresia datis

Hewitson's Mimic

Eresia emerantia

Emerantia Crescent

Eresia eunice

Tiger Crescent

Eresia ithomioides

Variable Mimic

Eresia nauplius

Peruvian Crescent

Eresia pelonia

Mimic Crescent

Eresia polina

Polina Crescent

Eretris apuleja

Apuleja Mountain Satyr

Eretris depresissima

Tom's Mountain Satyr

Eretris subrufescens

Lazy Mountain Satyr

Erora carla

Carla Hairstreak

Erora lampetia

Lampetia Hairstreak

Erora subflorens

Emerald Hairstreak

Eryphanis automedon

Cramer's Owlet

Etcheverrius chiliensis

Patagonian Grayling

Eueides aliphera

Juliette Longwing

Eueides heliconioides

Eanes Longwing

Eueides lybia

Lybia Longwing

Eunica bechina

Bechina Purplewing

Eunica caelina

Mottled Purplewing

Eunica carias

Rufous Purplewing

Eunica chlororhoa

Olive Purplewing

Eunica clytia

Sandbar Purplewing

Eunica cuvierii

Cuvier's Purplewing

Eunica malvina

Malvina Purplewing

Eunica pusilla

Pusilla Purplewing

Eunica sophonisba

Glorious Purplewing

Eunica sydonia

Godart's Purplewing

Eunica volumna

Blue-celled Purplewing

Euptoieta hegesia

Mexican Fritillary

Euptychia jesia

Jesia Ringlet

Euptychoides albofasciata

White-banded Pallid Ringlet

Euptychoides griphe

Felder's Ringlet

Euptychoides hotchkissi

Dyar's Ringlet

Euptychoides saturnus

Saturnus Ringlet

Eurema albula

White Grass Yellow

Eurema daira

Curved-bar Grass Yellow

Eurema elathea

Straight-barred Grass Yellow

Eurema lirina

Small White Grass Yellow

Eurema mexicana

Mexican Grass Yellow

Eurema paulina

Paulina Yellow

Eurema salome

Andean Grass Yellow

Eurema xantochlora

Xantochlora Grass Yellow

Eurybia albiseriata

Blind Underleaf

Eurybia caerulescens

Druce's Underleaf

Eurybia dardus

Dardus Underleaf

Eurybia juturna

Juturna Underleaf

Eurybia molochina

Molochina Underleaf

Eurybia sp. nov

Peruvian Underleaf

Eurytides columbus

Columbus Swordtail

Eurytides dolicaon

Dolicaon Swordtail

Eurytides serville

Serville Swordtail

Euselasia angulata

Sharp-angled Euselasia

Euselasia bettina

Black-topped Euselasia

Euselasia clithra

Banded Euselasia

Euselasia corduena

Montane Euselasia

Euselasia eumedia

Red-edged Euselasia

Euselasia eusepus

Silvery Euselasia

Euselasia eustola

Stichel's Euselasia

Euselasia gelanor

Rosy Euselasia

Euselasia orfita

Parallel-banded Euselasia

Euselasia perisama

Lilac-banded Euselasia

Euselasia toppini

Tiger-striped Euselasia

Exoplisia cadmeis

Dot-bordered Grey

Exoplisia hypochalbe

Many-banded Grey

Forbestra olivencia

Olivencia Tigerwing

Forsterinaria inornata

Plain Ringlet

Forsterinaria neonympha

White-dotted Ringlet

Forsterinaria pallida

Pallid Ringlet

Fountainea halice

Ruddy Leafwing

Fountainea nessus

Superb Leafwing

Fountainea nobilis

Noble Leafwing

Fountainea ryphea

Flamingo Leafwing

Ganyra phaloe

Godart's White

Gargina emessa

Emessa Hairstreak

Gargina gargophia

Gargophia Hairstreak

Gargina gnosia

Gnosia Hairstreak

Gesta gesta

Impostor Duskywing

Gnathotriche mundina

False Altinote

Godyris duillia

Dazzling Glasswing

Godyris sappho

Golden-veined Glasswing

Godyris zavaleta

Zavaleta Glasswing

Gorgopas chlorocephala

Green-headed Sootywing

Gorgopas trochilus

Green-shouldered Sootywing

Gorgythion begga

Pyralina Spreadwing

Greta andromica

Andromica Glasswing

Gunayan rubricollis

Ruby-collared Sapphire

Haematera pyrame

Rose Beauty

Haetera piera

Amber Phantom

Hamadryas amphichloe

Boisduval's Cracker

Hamadryas amphinome

Red Cracker

Hamadryas chloe

Amazon Blue Cracker

Hamadryas februa

Grey Cracker

Hamadryas feronia

Feronia Cracker

Hamadryas fornax

Yellow Cracker

Hamadryas laodamia

Starry Night Cracker

Hamadryas velutina

Velutina Cracker

Helias cama

Squared Bent-Skipper

Helias godmani

Godman's Bent-Skipper

Helias phalaenoides

Marbled Bent-Skipper

Heliconius charithonia

Zebra Longwing

Heliconius clysonymus

Montane Longwing

Heliconius cydno

White-barred Longwing

Heliconius doris

The Doris

Heliconius erato

Common Longwing

Heliconius hecale

Polymorphic Longwing

Heliconius melpomene


Heliconius numata

Tiger Mimic Longwing

Heliconius sara

Sara Longwing

Heliconius wallacei

Wallace's Longwing

Heliconius xanthocles

Xanthocles Longwing

Helicopis cupido

Spangled Cupid

Helicopis gnidus

Spider-wing Cupid

Heliopetes alana

Alana White Skipper

Heliopetes arsalte

Veined White Skipper

Hemiargus hanno

Hanno Blue

Hemiargus ramon

Ramon Blue

Heraclides anchisiades

Ruby-spotted Swallowtail

Heraclides astyalus

Broad-banded Swallowtail

Heraclides cresphontes

Giant Swallowtail

Heraclides thoas

King Page Swallowtail

Heraclides torquatus

Torquatus Swallowtail

Hermeuptychia cucullina

Cucullina Ringlet

Hermeuptychia harmonia

Harmonia Ringlet

Hermeuptychia hermes

Hermes Ringlet

Hesperocharis marchallii

Marchall's Andean White

Hesperocharis nereina

Hopffer's Andean White

Heterosais edessa

Edessa Glasswing

Higginsius fasciata

Huancabamba Crescent

Historis acheronta


Historis odius

Stinky Leafwing

Hyalothyrus neleus

Social Skipper

Hyalyris latilimbata

Weymer's Glasswing

Hyalyris mestra

Mestra Glasswing

Hylephila peruana

Peruvian Puna Skipper

Hylephila phyleus

Fiery Skipper

Hypanartia dione

False Daggerwing

Hypanartia cinderella

Cinderella Admiral

Hypanartia fassli

Colombian Admiral

Hypanartia lethe

Orange Admiral

Hypanartia trimaculata

Willmott's Admiral

Hyphilaria thasus

Thasus Metalmark

Hypna clytemnestra

Marbled Leafwing

Hypoleria lavinia

Lavinia Glasswing

Hypoleria sarepta

Sarepta Glasswing

Hyposcada illinissa

Illinissa Glasswing

Hypothyris euclea

Common Glassy Tiger

Iliana purpurascens

Triple-dot Iliana

Ipidecla schausi

Salvin's Dwarf

Itaballia demophile

Black-banded White

Itaballia pandosia

Pisonis Mimic

Ithomeis aurantiaca

Glasswing Metalmark

Ithomia agnosia

Agnosia Glasswing

Ithomia arduinna

d'Almeida's Glasswing

Ithomia avella

Avella Glasswing

Ithomia derasa

Milky Glasswing

Ithomia ellara

Ellara Glasswing

Ithomia hyala

Hyala Glasswing

Ithomia salapia

Salapia Glasswing

Ithomia terra

Beautiful Glasswing

Janatella fellula

Colombian Crescent

Janatella leucodesma

Whitened Crescent

Jemadia fallax

Fallax Sabre-wing

Jemadia gnetus

Fabricius Sabre-wing

Jemadia hewitsonii

Hewitson's Sabre-wing

Jemadia menechmus

Mabille's Sabre-wing

Jemadia pseudognetus

Dot-collared Sabre-wing

Junea doraete

Ornate Junea

Junea dorinda

Beautiful Junea

Junonia genoveva

Genoveva Buckeye

Junonia vestina

Andean Buckeye

Laothus gibberosa

Great Stripestreak

Lasaia agesilas

Glittering Sapphire

Lasaia arsis

Cat's-eye Sapphire

Lasaia moeros

Bolivian Sapphire

Lasiophila orbifera

Fiery Satyr

Lento ludo

Ludo Skipper

Leodonta tellane

Tellane White

Leptophobia caesia

Bluish Wanderer

Leptophobia eleone

Silky Wanderer

Leptophobia penthica

Kollar's Wanderer

Leptophobia tovaria

Common Wanderer

Leptotes lamasi

Lamas Blue

Leucidia brephos


Leucochimona lagora

Lagora Metalmark

Lieinix nemesis

Falcate Dismorphia

Lycorea halia

Tiger-mimic Queen

Lycorea ilione

Clearwing-mimic Queen

Lymanopoda acraeida

Acraeid Mimic Satyr

Lymanopoda albocincta

White-banded Mountain Satyr

Lymanopoda apulia

Apulia Mountain Satyr

Lymanopoda eubagioides

Pale Mountain Satyr

Lymanopoda ferruginosa

Rusty Mountain Satyr

Lymanopoda huilana

Streaked Pale Mountain Satyr

Lymanopoda labda

Reticulated Mountain Satyr

Lymanopoda obsoleta

White-dusted Mountain Satyr

Lymanopoda panacea

Twin-eyed Mountain Satyr

Lymanopoda rana

Weymer's Mountain Satyr

Lymanopoda translucida

Golden Mountain Satyr

Lyropteryx apollonia

Blue-rayed Metalmark

Madeleinea koa

Puna Chequered Blue

Magneuptychia iris

Ayaya Ringlet

Magneuptychia libye

Libye Ringlet

Magneuptychia ocnus

Ocnus Ringlet

Magneuptychia tiessa

Tiessa Ringlet

Manataria hercyna

White-spotted Satyr

Manerebia inderena

Cream-banded Nymph

Manerebia satura

Weymer's Banded Nymph

Marpesia berania

Amber Daggerwing

Marpesia chiron

Many-banded Daggerwing

Marpesia corinna

Corinna Daggerwing

Marpesia crethon

White-banded Daggerwing

Marpesia egina

Egina Daggerwing

Marpesia furcula

Sunset Daggerwing

Marpesia marcella

Pansy Daggerwing

Marpesia petreus

Flambeau / Red Daggerwing

Marpesia themistocles

Dark Daggerwing

Marpesia zerynthia

The Waiter

Mechanitis lysimnia

Sweet-oil Tiger

Mechanitis polymnia

Common Tiger

Melanis cinaron

Orange-bordered Pixie

Melanis electron

Electron Pixie

Melanis hillapana

Four-spot Pixie

Melanis leucophlegma

Desert Pixie

Melanis marathon

Marathon Pixie

Melanis smithiae

Smith's Pixie

Melete leucanthe

White Flag

Melete lycimnia

Primrose Flag

Melinaea menophilus

Hewitson's Tiger

Memphis acidalia

Acidalia Leafwing

Memphis glauce

Glauce Leafwing

Memphis laura

Laura's Leafwing

Memphis moruus

Moruus Leafwing

Memphis oenomais

Oenomais Leafwing

Memphis offa

Offa Leafwing

Memphis philumena

Streaky Leafwing

Memphis polyxo

Polyxo Leafwing

Memphis praxias

Cyan Leafwing

Memphis xenocles

Westwood's Leafwing

Menander hebrus

Hebrus Metalmark

Mesene epaphus

Red Demon

Mesosemia loruhama

Loruhama Eyemark

Mesosemia pacifica

Stichel's Eyemark

Mesosemia zorea

Zorea Eyemark

Mesotaenia vaninka


Metacharis lucius

Lucius Metalmark

Metacharis regalis

Regal Metalmark

Metamorpha elissa

Elissa Page

Metardaris cosinga

Cosinga Hawker

Methona confusa

Giant Glasswing

Mictris crispus

Crisp Skipper

Milanion cramba

Peru Bird-dropping Skipper

Milanion pilumnus

Common Bird-dropping Skipper

Mimardaris sela

Sela Skipper

Mimoides xeniades

Cattleheart Mimic

Mimoides xynias

Peruvian Cattleheart Mimic

Mimoniades nurscia

Nurscia Sabre-wing

Ministrymon cleon

Cleon Ministreak

Ministrymon una

Red-spotted Ministreak

Ministrymon zilda

Square-spotted Ministreak

Moeros moeros

Moschler's Ruby-eye

Monethe albertus

Albertus Metalmark

Morpho achilles

Achilles Blue Morpho

Morpho deidamia

Marbled Morpho

Morpho helenor

Common Blue Morpho

Morpho marcus

Adonis Morpho

Morpho rhetenor

Sickle-winged Morpho

Mygona prochyta

Prochyta Satyr

Mylon illineatus

Mabille's Mylon

Mylon cajus

Cryptic Mylon

Mylon maimon

Common Mylon

Mylon pelopidas

Pallid Mylon

Mylon zephus

Beautiful Mylon

Myrinia mysis

Staring-eye Spreadwing

Mysarbia sejanus

Scarlet-tipped Loner

Myscelia capenas

Capenas Bluewing

Myscelus amystis

Widespread Glory

Myscelus draudti

Riley's Glory

Myscelus epimachia

Epimachia Glory

Myscelus nobilis

Noble Glory

Myscelus phoronis

Sunburst Glory

Nabokovia cuzquenha

Nabokov's Lycid

Napaea heteroea

Blue-washed Metalmark

Napeocles jucunda

Great Blue Hookwing

Napeogenes glycera

Glycera Glasswing

Narope syllabus

Staudinger's Owlet

Nascus phocus

Cramer's Nightfighter

Nastra chao

Dull Brown Job

Nathalis iole

Dwarf Yellow

Necyria bellona

Bellona Metalmark

Neographium agesilaus

Common Swordtail

Neographium dioxippus

Thick-bordered Swordtail

Neoxeniades bajula

Blue False Flasher

Nessaea hewitsoni

Hewitson's Olivewing

Nica flavilla

Little Banner

Nicolaea heraldica

Heraldica Hairstreak

Nicolaea pyxis

Pyxis Hairstreak

Nisoniades ephora

Ephora Tufted Skipper

Nisoniades macarius

Marbled Tufted Skipper

Nisoniades evansi

Evans' Tufted Skipper

Nisoniades rubescens

Möschler's Tufted Skipper

Noctuana haematospila

Red-studded Skipper

Notheme erota

Erota Metalmark

Nymphidium ascolia

Firestreak Nymphidium

Nymphidium plinthobaphis

Stichel's Nymphidium

Ocaria aholiba

Colombian Blackstreak

Ocaria elongata

Elongated Blackstreak

Ocaria ocrisia

Hewitson's Blackstreak

Ocaria thales

Thales Blackstreak

Oleria alexina

Alexina Glasswing

Oleria amalda

Amalda Glasswing

Oleria enania

Enania Glasswing

Oleria quintina

Quintina Glasswing

Oleria onega

Onega Glasswing

Oleria padilla

Padilla Glasswing

Oleria phenomoe

Phenomoe Glasswing

Oleria santineza

Santineza Glasswing

Oleria tremona

Tremona Glasswing

Olynthus narbal

Narbal Hairstreak

Opoptera aorsa

Stichel's Tailed Owlet

Opoptera arsippe

Hopffer's Tailed Owlet

Opsiphanes invirae

Hübner's Owlet

Opsiphanes quiteria

Scalloped Owlet

Opsiphanes tamarindi

Tamarindi Owlet

Oressinoma sorata

Manu Oressinoma

Oressinoma typhla

Common Oressinoma

Orophila diotima

Diotima Jewel

Ostrinotes halciones

Royal Hairstreak

Ouleus fridericus

Fridericus Spreadwing

Oxeoschistus simplex

Cloudforest Argus

Oxynetra semihyalina

Felder's Bee Skipper

Pachyneuria duidae

Bell's Skipper

Panacea prola

Red Flasher

Panacea regina

Queen Flasher

Panara phereclus

Orange-barred Velvet

Panoquina evadnes

Evadnes Skipper

Panthiades bathildis

Zebra-striped Hairstreak

Parapedaliodes parepa

Parepa Mountain Satyr

Parataygetis albinotata

White-barred Satyr

Parataygetis lineata

White-lined Satyr

Parcella amarynthina

Golden-banded Gem

Parelbella ahira

Ahira Sabre-wing

Parelbella peruana

Chanchamayo Sabre-wing

Pareuptychia metaleuca

Metaleuca Ringlet

Pareuptychia ocirrhoe

Banded White Ringlet

Parides aglaope

Gray's Cattle-heart

Parides erithalion

Variable Cattle-heart

Parides sesostris

Sesostris Cattle-heart

Parides vertumnus

Vertumnus Cattle-heart

Passova passova

Passova Firetip

Patia orise

False Methona

Paulogramma pyracmon

False Numberwing

Pedaliodes asconia

Thieme's Satyr

Pedaliodes hopfferi

Sunburst Satyr

Pedaliodes marmelsi

Vitoria's Satyr

Pedaliodes montagna

Montagna Mountain Satyr

Pedaliodes palaepolis

White-bar Mountain Satyr

Pedaliodes phrasicla

Galaxy Satyr

Pedaliodes polusca

Polusca Mountain Satyr

Pellicia costimacula

Frosted Tufted Skipper

Pellicia santana

Santana Tufted Skipper

Penaincisalia descimoni

Descimon's Elfin

Pereute callinira

Staudinger's Raven

Pereute charops

Boisduval's Raven

Pereute telthusa

Hewitson's Raven

Peria lamis

Peach Beauty

Perisama calamis

Royal Perisama

Perisama canoma

Bolivian Perisama

Perisama comnena

Turquoise Perisama

Perisama humboldtii

Humboldt's Perisama

Perisama dorbignyi jurinei

Cyan-banded Perisama

Perisama lanice picteti

Guenée's Perisama

Perisama oppelii xanthica

Citron Perisama

Perisama philinus

Blue Perisama

Perisama tristrigosa

Butler's Perisama

Perrhybris pamela


Phanus vitreus

Ant-bird Skipper

Phareas coeleste

Sapphire Skipper

Pheles heliconides

Heliconides Metalmark

Philaethria dido

Dido Longwing

Phocides metrodorus

Bell's Paradise Skipper

Phocides oreides

Amber Paradise Skipper

Phocides pigmalion

Cramer's Paradise Skipper

Phoebis argante

Apricot Sulphur

Phoebis neocypris rurina

Tailed Sulphur

Phoebis philea

Orange-barred Sulphur

Phoebis sennae

Cloudless Sulphur

Pierella helvina

Helvina Lady Slipper

Pierella hortona albofasciata

White-barred Lady Slipper

Pierella hyceta

Golden Lady Slipper

Pierella lamia

Sulzer's Lady Slipper

Pieriballia viardi

Viardi White

Plumbago plumbago

Plumbago Spreadwing

Podotricha judith

Tiger Longwing

Podotricha telesiphe

Angle-winged Telesiphe

Polyctor polyctor

Polyctor Skipper

Polygrapha cyanea

Mottled Leafwing

Polygrapha tyrianthina

King Leafwing

Polythrix caunus

Short-tail Skipper

Polythrix gyges

Barred Short-tail Skipper

Polythrix hirtius

Butler's Short-tail Skipper

Polythrix octomaculata

8-spot Short-tail Skipper

Pompeius pompeius

Marbled Grass Skipper

Porphyrogenes omphale

Dazzling Nightfighter

Porphyrogenes spadix

Gaudy Nightfighter

Porphyrogenes suva

Suva Nightfighter

Posttaygetis penelea

Yellow-spiked Wood Nymph

Potamanaxas andraemon

Marbled Spreadwing

Potamanaxas effusa

Effusa Spreadwing

Potamanaxas laoma

Laoma Spreadwing

Potamanaxas melicertes

Melicertes Spreadwing

Potamanaxas paralus

Tingo Spreadwing

Prepona pylene

Narrow-banded Shoemaker

Pronophila unifasciata

Lathy's Great Satyr

Protesilaus earis

Rothschild's Swordtail

Protesilaus glaucolaus

Bates Swordtail

Pseudodebis valentina

Valentina Ringlet

Pseudohaetera hypaesia

Montane Phantom

Pseudohaetera mimica

Mimic Phantom

Pseudolycaena marsyas

Cambridge Blue / Giant Hairstreak

Pseudomaniola phaselis

Fire-spotted Satyr

Pseudonascus paulliniae

Sepp's Speedster

Pseudopieris nehemia

Clean Mimic White

Pteronymia sao

Sao Glasswing

Pteronymia ticida

Ticida Glasswing

Pteronymia veia

Veia Glasswing

Pteronymia zerlina

Zerlina Glasswing

Pterourus menatius

Crimson-spotted Swallowtail

Pterourus zagreus

Great Tiger-mimic

Punargentus lamna

Puna Silverwing

Pyrgus adepta

Colombian Chequered Skipper

Pyrgus orcus

Orcus Chequered Skipper

Pyrisitia nise

Mimosa Yellow

Pyrisitia proterpia

Tailed Orange

Pyrisitia venusta

Venusta Grass Yellow

Pyrrhogyra amphiro

Amphiro Redring

Pyrrhogyra crameri

Cramer's Redring

Pyrrhogyra edocla

Edocla Redring

Pyrrhogyra otolais

Common Redring

Pyrrhopyge aziza

Aziza Firetip

Pyrrhopyge hadassa

Hadassa Firetip

Pyrrhopyge papius

Shoulder-streaked Firetip

Pyrrhopyge phidias

Phidias Firetip

Pyrrhopyge sergius

Sergius Firetip

Pyrrhopyge telassa

Telassa Firetip

Pyrrhopyge thericles

Thericles Firetip

Pythonides herennius

Geyers's Blue Skipper

Quadrus cerialis

Peppered Blue Skipper

Quadrus contubernalis

Striped Blue Skipper

Quadrus deyrollei

Deyrolle's Blue Skipper

Rareuptychia clio

Weymer's Bark

Rekoa meton

Tiger-eye Hairstreak

Rekoa palegon

Gold-bordered Hairstreak

Remella remus

Two-tone Skipper

Rhabdodryas trite

Straight-line Sulphur

Rhamma familiaris

Johnson's Problematic Hairstreak

Rhetus arcius

Sword-tailed Doctor

Rhetus dysonii

Dyson's Blue Doctor

Rhetus periander

Blue Doctor

Rhodussa cantobrica

Cantobrica Tiger

Riodina lysippus

Lysippus Metalmark

Saliana salius

Cramer's Proboscis Skipper

Sarota chrysus

Tailed Jewelmark

Sarota gyas

Gyas Jewelmark

Sarota neglecta

Neglected Jewelmark

Scada reckia

Hübner's Glasswing

Semomesia croesus

Croesus Eyemark

Serdis viridicans

Tres Cruces Skipper

Siderone galanthis

Scarlet Leafwing

Siseme alectryo

Twin-spot Duke

Siseme aristoteles

Aristotle's Duke

Siseme neurodes

Orange-spot Duke

Siseme pallas

Pallas Duke

Siproeta epaphus

Rusty-tipped Page

Siproeta stelenes


Smyrna blomfildia

Blomfild's Bark Wing

Sophista aristoteles

Aristotle's Skipper

Sostrata festiva

Festiva Skipper

Sostrata pusilla

Pusilla Skipper

Spathilepia clonius

Angulate Spreadwing

Spioniades abbreviata

Pied Piper

Splendeuptychia ackeryi

Magdalena Valley Ringlet

Stalachtis phlegia

Dotted Prince

Staphylus chlora

Green-headed Sootywing

Staphylus minor

Speckled Sootywing

Staphylus oeta

Plötz Sootywing

Steremnia monachella

Monachella Satyr

Steremnia umbracina

Dismal Satyr

Steroma modesta

Mottled Satyr

Strephonota purpurantes

Druce's Pearly Hairstreak

Strymon davara

Davara Scrub-Hairstreak

Strymon daraba

Daraba Desert Groundstreak

Strymon ziba

Ziba Groundstreak

Symbiopsis tanais

Tanais Hairstreak

Symmachia rubina

Chinese Lantern

Synargis calyce

False Nymphidium

Synargis orestessa

Orestessa Metalmark

Taygetis angulosa

Dead-leaf Wood Nymph

Taygetis chrysogone

Chrysogone Wood Nymph

Taygetis cleopatra

Cleopatra Wood Nymph

Taygetis mermeria

Mermeria Wood Nymph

Taygetis sylvia

Sylvia Wood Nymph

Taygetis thamyra

Andromeda Wood Nymph

Taygetis virgilia

Virgilia Wood Nymph

Taygetomorpha puritana

Puritana Wood Nymph

Tegosa claudina

Apricot Crescent

Tegosa etia

Rusty Crescent

Telemiades epicalus

Hübner's Telemiades

Telenassa berenice

Narrow-banded Crescent

Telenassa jana

Felder's Crescent

Telenassa teletusa burchelli

Burchell's Crescent

Temenis laothoe


Temenis pulchra

Scarlet Knight

Teratophthalma maenades

Red-eyed Underleaf

Terenthina terentia

Euphonious Hairstreak

Theagenes albiplaga

Mercurial Skipper

Theclopsis demea

Demea Silverstreak

Theclopsis lydus

Common Silverstreak

Theope eurygonina

Banded Theope

Theope pedias

Azure Theope

Theritas hemon

Hemon Blue Hairstreak

Theritas mavors

Deep-green Hairstreak

Thestius selina

Selina Tiger-stripe

Thisbe irenea

Irenea Metalmark

Thyridia psidii

Thyridia Glasswing

Tigridia acesta

Zebra Sapseeker

Timochreon satyrus

Satyr Skipper

Tithorea harmonia

Harmonia Tiger

Tithorea tarricina

Tarricina Tiger

Tmolus cydrara

Cydrara Hairstreak

Tmolus echion

Red-spotted Hairstreak

Trina geometrina

Banded Demon

Urbanus belli

Bell's Longtail

Urbanus dorantes

Dorantes Longtail

Urbanus proteus

Proteus Longtail / Bean Leaf-roller

Urbanus simplicius

Plain Longtail

Urbanus tanna

Tanna Longtail

Urbanus teleus

Teleus Longtail

Vacerra hermesia

Hermesia Skipper

Vanessa altissima

Andean Painted Lady

Vanessa braziliensis

Brazilian Painted Lady

Vanessa myrinna

Vivid Painted Lady

Vanessa virginiensis

American Painted Lady

Vehilius stictomenes

Pasture Skipper

Vettius coryna

Coryna Skipper

Vettius marcus

Marcus Skipper

Vila azeca

Azeca Banner

Vila emilia

Emilia Banner

Viola violella

Black Devil

Xenandra poliotactis

Orange-necked Blue Xenandra

Xenophanes tryxus

Glassy-winged Skipper

Yanguna cosyra

Cosyra Firetip

Zaretis isodora

Isodora Leafwing

Zariaspes mys

Mys Skipper

Zelotaea nivosa

Stichel's Hermit

Zera hosta

Hosta Spreadwing

Zera nolckeni

Nolcken's Spreadwing

Zizula cyna

Cyna Blue


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