Species Index - Australian region
This region includes Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Bougainville, the Solomon Islands, Fiji, New Britain and New Caledonia. Many of the species listed in the Malaysia index also occur in the Australian region. Please help expand coverage by sending high quality images to Adrian Hoskins.

Acraea andromacha

Australian Glasswing

Anaphaeis java

Australian Caper White

Bassaris itea

Yellow Admiral

Cepora perimale

Australian Gull

Cethosia cydippe

Red Lacewing

Cressida cressida

Clearwing Swallowtail / Big Greasy

Cupha prosope

New Guinea Rustic

Cyrestis acilia

Godart's Map butterfly

Danaus affinis

Swamp Tiger

Danaus chrysippus

Plain Tiger

Danaus plexippus


Delias nigrina

Black Jezebel

Elodina walkeri

Small Pearl White

Euploea core

Common Crow

Euploea tulliolus

Dwarf Crow

Eurema alitha

Scalloped Grass Yellow

Geitoneura acantha

Eastern Ringed Xenica

Graphium macleayanus

Macleay's Swallowtail

Graphium weiskei

Purple-spotted Swallowtail

Hesperilla ornata

Spotted Sedge-Skipper

Heteronympha banksii

Bank's Brown

Heteronympha merope

Common Brown

Heteronympha penelope

Shouldered Brown

Hypocysta adiante

Orange Ringlet

Hypocysta irius

Northern Brown Ringlet

Hypocysta metirius

Common Brown Ringlet

Jalmenus evagoras

Imperial Hairstreak

Junonia orithya

Blue Pansy / Blue Argus

Junonia villida

Meadow Argus

Lampides boeticus

Long-tailed Blue / Pea Blue

Lucia limbaria

Chequered Copper

Lycaena boldenarum

Exquisite Copper

Lycaena rauparaha

Fereday's Copper

Lycaena salustius

Common Copper

Mycalesis phidon

Hewitson's Bush Brown

Mycalesis terminus

Butler's Bush Brown

Netrocoryne repanda

Bronze Flat

Ornithoptera alexandrae

Queen Alexandra's Birdwing

Ornithoptera tithonus

Tithonus Birdwing

Papilio anactus

Dainty Swallowtail

Parthenos tigrina

New Guinea Clipper

Phalanta phalantha

Common Leopard

Polyura jupiter

Jupiter Nawab

Tellervo assarica

Stoll's Hamadryad

Theclinesthes serpentata

Australian Chequered Blue

Tisiphone abeona

Swordgrass Brown

Trapezites eliena

Orange Ochre

Trapezites praxedes

Southern Silver Ochre

Trapezites symmomus

Splendid Ochre

Vanessa gonerilla

New Zealand Red Admiral

Vanessa kershawi

Australian Painted Lady

Vindula arsinoe

Cramer's Cruiser

Zizina oxleyi

Southern Blue



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