Species Index - temperate Asia
Temperate Asia stretches from Afghanistan to Siberia, China, Tibet, Korea, Vietnam & Japan. Many of the butterflies occurring there can also be found in Europe, India or Malaysia so please check the relevant lists for additional species.

Abisara fylla

Dark Judy

Aglais caschmirensis

Indian Tortoiseshell

Aglais urticae chinensis

Small Tortoiseshell

Agriades pheretiades

Tien Shan Blue

Aldania imitans

Aldania Mimic

Anthocharis cardamines

Orange tip

Apatura ilia

Lesser Purple Emperor

Apatura iris

Purple Emperor

Apatura laverna

Laverna Emperor

Aporia agathon

Great Blackvein

Aporia bieti

Oberthür's Black-veined White

Aporia crataegi

Black-veined White

Aporia goutellei

Yunnan Black-veined White

Aporia martineti

Sichuan Black-veined White

Aporia procris

Tibetan Black-veined White

Araschnia davidis

Chinese Map butterfly

Araschnia levana

Map butterfly

Araschnia prorsoides

Mongolian Map butterfly

Argynnis aglaia

Dark Green Fritillary

Argynnis paphia

Silver-washed Fritillary

Argynnis sagana

Sagana Fritillary

Athyma opalina

Himalayan Sergeant

Atrophaneura polyeuctes

Common Windmill

Bhutanitis lidderdalii

Bhutan Glory

Bhutanitis thaidina

Tibetan Glory

Brenthis daphne

Marbled Fritillary

Brenthis ino

Lesser Marbled Fritillary

Calinaga buddha

Moore's Freak

Calinaga davidis

Oberthür's Freak

Callophrys rubi

Green Hairstreak

Carterocephalus palaemon

Chequered Skipper

Chalinga elwesi

Oberthur's Admiral

Clossiana dia

Weaver's Fritillary

Coenonympha sunbecca

Sunbecca Heath

Colias erate

Eastern Pale Clouded Yellow

Colias marcopolo

Marco Polo's Clouded Yellow

Daimio tethys

White-banded Flat

Delias sanaca

Pale Jezebel

Dercas lycorias

Falcate Yellow

Dichorragia nesseus rileyi

Riley's Constable

Dodona durga

Common Punch

Dodona egeon

Orange Punch

Erebia theano

Tauscher's Alpine Ringlet

Everes argiades

Short-tailed Blue

Everes lacturnus

Oriental Short-tailed Blue

Gonerilia seraphim


Graphium cloanthus

Glassy Bluebottle

Graphium mandarinus

Mandarin Swallowtail

Hebomoia glaucippe

Great Orange tip

Heliophorus moorei saphir

Eastern Azure Sapphire

Heliophorus viridipunctata

Turquoise Sapphire

Lethe argentata

Silver-streaked Forester

Lethe insana

Common Forester

Lethe violaceopicta

Manipur Forester

Limenitis camilla

White Admiral

Limenitis homeyeri

Yunnan Admiral

Limenitis misuji

Sugiyama's Admiral

Limenitis populi

Poplar Admiral

Limenitis sydyi

Siberian White Admiral

Loxerebia ruricola

Ruricola Argus

Loxerebia sylvicola

Szechuan Argus

Lycaena li

Oberthür's Copper

Lycaena pang

Sichuan Copper

Melanargia epimede

Staudinger's Marbled White

Melitaea diamina

False Heath Fritillary

Melitaea phoebe

Knapweed Fritillary

Melitaea sibina

Sibina Fritillary

Mycalesis francisca

Lilacine Bush Brown

Neope simulans

Tibetan Labyrinth

Neptis arachne

Leech's Sailor

Neptis dejeani

Yunnan Sailor

Neptis philyra

Long-streak Sailor

Nymphalis l-album

False Comma

Ochlodes sylvanus

Large Skipper

Papilio bianor

Chinese Peacock

Papilio bootes

Tailed Redbreast

Papilio machaon

Old World Swallowtail

Papilio polytes

Common Mormon

Papilio syfanius

Yunnan Peacock

Papilio xuthus

Asian Swallowtail

Paralasa jordana

Jordan's Pretty Satyr

Parantica sita

Mountain Tiger

Parnassius apollo


Parnassius charitonius

Regal Apollo

Parnassius davidovi

Churkin's Apollo

Parnassius delphius

Eversmann's Apollo

Parnassius hardwickii

Common Blue Apollo

Parnassius mnemosyne

Clouded Apollo

Patsuia sinensium

Amber-spotted Sailor

Pieris bryoniae

Hübner's Green-veined White

Pieris melete

Tibetan White

Pieris rapae

Small White

Plejebus argus

Silver-studded Blue

Plejebus idas

Idas Blue

Polygonia c-album


Polyommatus eros

Eros Blue

Polyura dolon

Stately Nawab

Polyura eudamippus

Great Nawab

Polyura narcaeus

China Nawab

Pyrgus centaureae

Northern Grizzled Skipper

Satyrium oenone

Black-spotted Hairstreak

Sinia lanty

Yunnan Chequered Blue

Sinopieris dubernardi

Oberthür's White

Stibochiona nicea


Tatinga thibetanus

Tibet Marbled Satyr

Timelaea albescens

Beautiful Leopard

Tongeia zuthus

Tibetan Cupid

Vanessa indica

Indian Red Admiral

Zizina emelina

Emelina Grass Blue



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